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Introducing the Exquisite Beauty of Curved Bolefloor Floorboards

There is an interior design innovation quietly sweeping across Europe and America. If you have never heard of Bolefloor, it is time to get a little introduction to a home feature which is just on the cusp of setting the market on fire. The term ‘Bolefloor’ refers to a new brand of live edge, contoured wood flooring.

In other words, it is curved. Rather than manufacturing floorboards in perfectly straight lines, as is conventional, the company has found a way to retain the natural shape of the wood grain. It is a world first and an entirely new type of flooring system, so style-savvy homeowners are falling in love with it.

Keep reading to find out more about curved floorboards and where you can buy Bolefloor in Englefield Green at great prices.

Just Look at Those Undulating Curves

Bolefloor is unlike any floorboard that you have seen before. As mentioned, it bends with the natural grain of the tree, so the effect is gently undulating. It might not sound like a big difference, but the aesthetic is quite striking. We have become so used to poker straight floorboards that we have forgotten nature does not build in straight lines.

She has blessed the world with beautiful arcs and bows, which Bolefloor takes full advantage of to create a very rustic and organic look. No two floors are the same, so every customer gets a brand new design. They are currently available in solid oak, ash, maple, cherry, and walnut varieties. There is also a range of grades, colours, and finishes on offer.

Giving Back One Plank at a Time

It is worth pointing out that if you invest in Bolefloor in Englefield Green, you will be giving back to the environment. The manufacturer claims the process requires fewer resources. Plus, more flooring gets produced from a smaller amount of wood.

It makes sense because the existing shape of the tree is merely being cut into pieces, rather than chopped and shaped to fit a domestic standard. The fact that more of the wood is being utilised also allows the company to provide very competitive prices, even though there is no other flooring like it in the world.

Fitting Together Like a Puzzle

Bolefloor fits together in much the same way as conventional floorboards. The tongue and groove design allows the perfectly shaped pieces to click and lock into place. Once fitted, the seams are invisible, and the aesthetic is flawless. No glue or other chemicals are required, which furthers the environmental credentials of the product.

In large rooms, it can take a little longer to fit a Bolefloor, because the pieces are not interchangeable like usual. Each one has to be placed in a precise position so that it joins smoothly with the others. The manufacturer does include a detailed map, however, and homeowners can use numbered codes to get everything in the right order.

Interestingly, the production process is a lot less freeform. It is almost entirely automated and uses sophisticated identification software to map out each floorboard. Innovative visual algorithms scan the wood for knots and saps, so that it always makes a clean cut. It is wonderful example of how technology and nature can work together, instead of in opposition.

To find out more about curved Bolefloor floorboards. visit Wood Floor Surbiton today. Or, call 020 8390 2020 to speak to a representative and discuss your needs directly.

Posted by customer-service on March 29, 2017

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