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So Many Reasons to Go Green with Reclaimed Wood Flooring

There is good news for eco-conscious homeowners, with a keen eye for green design. With reclaimed wood flooring in Aldershot, it is possible to fulfil all kinds of green credentials, while never compromising on quality, style, or luxury. This option looks every bit as beautiful as a brand new wood floor, but manages to be a lot more valuable in a number of different ways.

For one thing, reclaimed wood comes with a history and a personality, rather than that clean, clinical ‘straight from the shop’ character. This is something that simply can’t be replicated with new wood. If that weren’t enough, it is affordable, extremely long lasting, and a high quality addition to any home. So, if you are on the hunt for green wood flooring in Aldershot, this could be the right way to go.

This guide to the benefits of reclaimed wood flooring will help you decide if it is the best choice for your home.

Getting to Grips with Reclaimed Wood

A reclaimed wood floor is made out of material that has been salvaged and rescued from other sites. They can include old houses, lumber mills, textile companies, piers, barns, factories, and more. In short, anywhere that uses beautiful wood, but no longer needs it, can be a candidate for reclamation. This is one of the best things about this flooring option; you never know what kind of a life and history your gorgeous new design feature has had.

The hardwood flooring industry produces way over a billion individual flooring products every year. This creates a huge amount of waste, as a by-product of manufacturing processes, and it requires the use of a vast number of trees. It is, in many ways, an extremely inefficient industry and reclaimed options are just one way for homeowners to try and reduce their contribution to such waste.

Major Benefits to Maintenance and Durability

Even though reclaimed wood is, technically, second hand, it has already spent a long time proving that it is built to last. In fact, the only impact that the years of previous use will have had on the material is to add a deep and rich patterning to its surface. Reclaimed wood flooring in Aldershot has a really unique and beautiful appearance. It offers an appealing blend of old world charm and modern aesthetics.

This type of flooring option doesn’t require any more maintenance than a regular floor wood. Just like new products, the specific type of care will depend on the variety of wood any finishes that it needs. You should clean your floor on a regular basis, as dirt can accumulate on the surface and degrade the protective outer layer. The best way to do this is with a dust mop, because introducing too much water to the floor will cause damage.

The most efficient way to browse for wood floors is to head down to a showroom and take a proper look at the different styles, colours, and patterns available. This is the only way to know for sure if a certain option or variety is going to suit your home. When searching for excellent wood floors in Aldershot, ask plenty of questions. The experts in flooring showrooms are trained to be able to give you as much valuable information as possible.

To find out more about the benefits of reclaimed wood flooring, visit Wood Floor Surbiton today. Or, call 020 8390 2020 to speak to a representative and get directions to your nearest showroom or store.

Posted by customer-service on February 8, 2017

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