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Allergy Care: The Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring For Those With Allergies

Dealing with allergies in your home can be an absolute nightmare; dust particles and other allergens always manage to find places to tuck themselves away and wait to aggravate any conditions that you might have.

Carpets, for example, are notorious for clinging on to particles that can cause irritations for people with allergies and can be really difficult to clean and maintain to ensure they don’t cause any issues. Hardwood flooring, however, suffers from none of these disadvantages can really help to make your home much more comfortable.

Nowhere For Allergens To Hide!

One negative point of carpets is that they give plenty of places for dust, dirt and allergen particles to hide away from vacuum cleaners and stick around for far too long. These particles can easily cling to the carpet’s fibres deep down, making it notoriously difficult to get rid of them. Even thorough and regular vacuuming is not enough to get rid of dust and dirt that gets buried deep down within the carpet’s fibres, meaning that a carpet that looks clean on the surface can easily be far from it lower down.

This won’t affect the health of many people, but those with allergies will notice allergies and respiratory conditions flaring up as a result of the difficulty associated with thoroughly deep cleaning carpets.

Easy To Clean & Maintain

It’s very easy to save away for hours trying to thoroughly clean a carpet, and the cost of deep cleaning and various cleaning products can easily add up; when it comes to allergies vacuuming carpets simply isn’t enough to remove dust and allergens that will aggravate allergies and asthma. It can be a particularly fruitless task if you have pets, too, as once you’ve finished vacuuming the pesky pet hairs will find their way into your carpets very quickly.

With hardwood flooring, however, thorough cleaning is much simpler – regular vacuuming (with the correct attachment to avoid damage) and mopping is all that’s required to keep the flooring clean. There’s no risk of dust or dirt hiding away and not being picked up during a clean, and there’s nothing for dust particles or allergens (such as pollen or pet hair) to stick to.

This will vastly improve the quality of the air for those suffering with allergies, as well as reduce and almost remove the risk of allergies flaring up as a result of hidden particles; allergy sufferers frequently report the improvements of ditching carpets in favour of hardwood flooring.

If you or anyone in your family suffers with allergies, and your carpets are giving you far too much grief then try our high-quality bespoke hardwood flooring here at Wood Floor Surbiton. Our showroom in Surrey features a range of flooring types and brands, including Ted Todd hardwood flooring. Visit our store or call us today on 01483 304888 to discuss our full range, and your flooring needs in detail.

Posted by Editor on March 21, 2013

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