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Should You Install Hardwood Flooring in a Kitchen?

There is something very timeless about wood flooring. It might not offer the same level of heat and instant comfort – particularly during the winter – as carpeting, but it evokes a sense of sophistication and style. Whether it is fitted in a more modern and minimalistic design or laid to look like the old world surfaces in a stately home, wood flooring can be extremely beautiful.
However, it is not suitable for all environments. This is a common mistake made by homeowners; most of whom quickly learn their lesson after laying down an expensive wood floor in a contemporary bathroom or kitchen. The problem is moisture – if you cannot guarantee the impermeability of a wood floor, there is no guarantee that it will not succumb to damage faster than flooring in less intensive areas of the house. The question is, can you find a way around it?
There is no denying the aesthetic appeal of a carefully installed wood floor in a modern kitchen, so this guide to fitting hardwood flooring in tricky areas will help you find a solution.

Thinking about the Risks

If you are on the lookout for a wood floor in Aldershot, it is a good idea to think about how you use your kitchen first, before you head out to shop. As far as moisture levels go, most kitchens (assuming that they are a reasonable size) do not present too much danger. You might drop a pan, spill a cup of tea, or splash water on the floor from time to time, but it should not happen all that often. If your hardwood floor is properly installed and sealed, this should not present a problem; it is things like broken washing machines which can direct water beneath seals and boards.

Making Hardwood Work

However, there a number of ways in which you can get around the problem of moisture and successfully lay hardwood flooring in a kitchen. The first is to site finish your surfaces; so, invest in a raw wood product and then apply a stain and sealant after installation. You might want to ask our experts about this option whilst shopping for a wood floor in Aldershot. This increases the strength and integrity of the floor (as well as making it more impermeable), because it allows the sealant to cover not just the boards, but the connections between them too.

Site Finish Vs Pre-Finished

The difference between site finished flooring and pre-finished flooring is not one of quality, so do not hesitate to invest in the latter for the other rooms around your home. You could also install conventional hardwood flooring in a kitchen and then arrange to have it refreshed or further protected with the relevant floor care product, so that the seams become impermeable too. Or, alternatively, if you are willing to compromise on the idea of a solid hardwood floor, you could invest in engineered wood instead. With its super tough ply core, an engineered floor is significantly more stable and adaptable to the kitchen environment, but it offers the same visual style as a solid hardwood surface.

A Question of Durability

If you still keen to find the perfect wood floor in Aldershot and install it in your kitchen, there are a few last things to consider. They relate to durability and the unique characteristics of a kitchen environment. For example, this space tends to see more foot traffic than a bedroom or a lounge, so it needs to be sturdier and stronger; even then, it is likely to wear at a faster rate and show more signs of use. The good news is that worn away areas (within a hardwood floor) can be easily sanded down and re-stained and sealed. Plus, there is always the option to add colourful runners and rugs, so durability is an issue which does not have to be a major inconvenience.
For more help and advice on installing hardwood flooring in your home, why not visit Wood Floor Surbiton today. Or, to speak to an expert advisor and arrange for a consultation, call the showroom on 020 8390 2020.

Posted by customer-service on January 13, 2016

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