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Wood Flooring Maintenance: How To Clean Your New Floor’s Finish

Whether you’ve recently made the excellent choice of having wood floors installed in your home, or if you’re considering getting this stylish and durable flooring choice, then looking after it is something you’re going to need to know.

Even the most durable things in our home need maintaining properly, and wooden floors are no exception. This article runs through three simple, easy ways you can keep your new floor clean and looking great.

1. Try To Keep Your Wood Flooring Clean!
This sounds like a really simple, almost patronising, bit of advice but what we’re talking about here is precautionary measures. If your flooring is by a front or back door, in a hallway or kitchen for example, then you should consider getting rubber bottomed (non-slip) mats for people to wipe their feet or leave their shoes on, minimising the amount or dirt that gets walked into the house.

2. Brush & Sweep Regularly; Vacuum With Care
Soft-bristle brushes and brooms should be the number one weapons in your wood floor cleaning arsenal, and we cannot stress the ‘soft bristle’ feature enough. While wooden floors are fantastically durable, things like hard brooms and brushes can scratch the great-looking finish that all our flooring here at Wood Floor Surbiton boasts.

You should also vacuum your flooring regaularly, too, but always exercise caution. Be sure to use the hard-floor setting on your cleaner, which lifts up the hard bristles used for cleaning carpets, to avoid nasty scratches. If you’re ever in any doubt, and worry that your vacuum will damage your floor, then stick to brushing and sweeping to be safe.

3. Frequent Mopping
While sweeping and (careful!) vacuuming will take care of hair, dust and loose dirt, it’s also important to regularly mop your wood flooring to get rid of stains, dried on dirt, scuff-marks and to generally keeping your wood flooring looking fresh and new for longer.

They key thing to note when mopping wooden floors is to never use a soaking wet mop – too much water can seep into the boards and cause damage. Using a damp mop is the best way to tackle dirt and any areas that need cleaning without causing damage to your floor.

If you’re ever in any doubt about to clean your new wood flooring from Wood Floor Surbiton, you can always count on us to provide you with any advice regarding its maintenance – we’ll be happy to advise you in the best way to keep it clean in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you’re looking for stylish, high-quality wood flooring options in Surrey, Surbiton, Virginia Water or any local areas, then look no further than our range. Visit our showroom in Surrey to see our full range or call us direct on 02083 902020.

Posted by Editor on April 26, 2013

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