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Essential Advice: How To Create A Stylish Modern Living Room

Posted on by Editor

Interior design is never easy, and whatever style you go for it’s important to add your own personal touches to your room, whether it’s through colours schemes or art on the walls. If you’re looking to create a really sophisticated and contemporary looking living room, then these top tips could help you achieve perfection.

Create Space

Stuff. We’ve all got loads of it and our living rooms seem to be magnets for clutter, whether it’s hoards of ornaments or piles of DVD boxes. When it comes to creating a contemporary living room, space is vital to the new look.

Space-saving cabinets can minimise clutter and stylish hanging shelves as an alternative to bookcases can open up plenty of floor space.

Install Neutral Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a big part of creating that neutral and minimalistic look, which is key to modern living areas. Here at Wood Floor Surbiton, we specialise in high quality bespoke wood flooring that can really help create a stunning contemporary living room. Our Select and Nature ranges are a perfect fit for the modern feel, with a variety of lacquer finishes available to give it that extra shine.

Choose Minimalistic Lighting

Having plenty of space is just one aspect of the minimalistic feel that modern living rooms create. Avoiding bulky light fittings or floor lamps helps to create the illusion of lots of open space, and will complement the neutral look created by soft wall colours and your natural wood flooring.

Recessed ceiling and wall lights take up no outward space due to being flush with their surfaces, and floor lamps with a thin base can help provide extra light while still adhering to the minimalistic specifications of the room.

Use Strong Geometric Shapes

Squares and corners are integral to modern interior design – from sofas to shelves and cabinets to electronics, straight lines are key to making everything feel like it ‘fits’ in the room and helps you maximise space.

If you’re looking to create a new modern living room this new year, then give us a call here at Wood Floor Surbiton. We carry a wide range of high-quality, custom made flooring available throughout Surbiton, Guildford and the surrounding areas. Call us today on 02083 902020 for more information.


Top Tips for Making a Commercial Property More Appealing

Posted on by Editor

The overall appearance of a commercial property is vitally important, and whether you are the owner of a retail outlook that needs to appeal to potential customers on a daily basis or work in an office whereby impressing new clients who visit is essential, ensuring your property remains in the best possible condition is key. If however you have let standards slip in recent months, here is a guide put together by us here at Wood Floor Surbiton to help make your commercial property more appealing; Continue reading →


Winter Opening Times

Posted on by Simon

We are open over the Christmas & New Year period on the following dates and times:

We are closed from the 18th of December – 26th of December.


Open 27th December – 29th December 10.00 – 15.00hrs


Closed 30th December – 3rd January 2013


Open for Business as usual on the 4th of January 2013

What Benefits Can Real Wood Flooring Bring to a Property?

Posted on by Editor

When it comes to flooring, there are a wide range of different options: carpets, vinyl and laminates to name but a few. However when it comes to adding real class to a property, nothing beats a traditional real wood floor.

Wood floors have looked good in houses for almost as long as there have been houses, and can suit a wide range of decors. Other flooring like carpets and vinyl only look good when specifically tailored to the rest of the room and have a definite fashion lifespan.

It’s not just a matter of taste though, there are many practical benefits to a having a real wood floor over other kinds of flooring:

The biggest benefit of a quality real wooden floor has to be longevity as it can be something of an investment.  Despite an increased initial outlay versus other types of flooring, it is soon outweighed by the fact that a wooden floor can last for years, if not decades without wearing out; much longer than a less rugged carpet, that will more than likely need to be replaced long before it wears out anyway by virtue of becoming stained or dated.

Speaking of cleaning, a wooden floor not only needs  to be cleaned less than a carpet, but wood doesn’t take on stains or smells like a carpet does, so it’s far easier to keep clean. Everyone owns a mop, far fewer people own an expensive specialised carpet shampooer.
Still, even a clean carpet can harbour pet hair, pollen and other allergens. A wood floor has the advantage of having no pile for these irritants to hide in, making wood flooring a perfect choice for those with children and/or pet or pollen allergies.

On top of this, even though wood flooring has the perception of being highly expensive, these days it can be quite affordable. This is thanks to an increase in demand and advances in production methods. Wood flooring is also available in a range of styles and designs thanks to us here at Wood Floor Surbiton as experienced suppliers of wood flooring in Guildford and the surrounding areas. This means all these practical and stylistic advantages are available to more budgets than ever.

In summary, real wood floors are a practical investment for any property, adding a range of visual and tangible benefits both for a property as a home, and in impressing potential buyers.  So why not contact us here at Wood Floor Surbiton for more information on the great range of wood flooring available.

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