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The Quick Guide to Choosing High Quality Wood Flooring

Posted on by customer-service

There are many different reasons why homeowners choose wood flooring over alternatives like carpet, laminate, and tile. For one thing, it is extremely durable. High quality wood flooring in Woking, if installed and maintained correctly, can last decades. While it may be a slightly more expensive option than carpets, its value as a long term investment cannot be ignored.

This is why it is such a good idea to splash out on top quality wood flooring in Woking while you have the cash for it. Then, if your finances start to fluctuate at any point, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your flooring is not going to develop any unexpected or costly faults. Plus, wood flooring is beautiful to look at, because it gives a home a real sense of elegance.

This quick fire guide to choosing the right wood flooring will help you pick a product that is hard wearing, visually appealing, and cost effective.

The Visual Aesthetic

Wood flooring can be bought in a wide variety of different styles and finishes. It can be treated with oil, wax, or lacquer. All of these treatments give wood a distinct and unique look, so it is important to know what you want before you start shopping. The vast majority of wood flooring in Woking is finished with lacquer, because it creates a lovely sheen and smoothness. If you are keen to opt for an oiled floor, do be aware that this produces a slightly ‘wetter’ aesthetic.

The Grade of the Wood

The grade of your wood flooring is just as important as its finish. This, essentially, determines how flawless you want the wood to be. So, for example, some people prefer a highly polished and blemish free floor, which has been expertly refined and manufactured. And, there are others who would rather opt for something a little more rustic. Flooring with more ‘flaws’ (uneven colour, knots, etc.) tends to be less costly, but only because less manufacturing is needed to produce it. This is not a lower quality floor; it just offers a different kind of aesthetic.

The Right Material

It is very rare to see wood flooring made out of a softwood, because it just doesn’t stand up to heavy foot traffic. So, your choices will likely be oak, beechwood, or pine. These are very tough, durable materials and they can withstand the pressure of decades of use. If you want your wood flooring in Woking to last as long as you do, make sure that you pick a material that is strong and hard wearing.

The Care and Maintenance Routine

Generally, wood flooring is really very easy to keep clean. It is much easier to maintain than carpet, because it doesn’t trap grime, fibres, or allergens. Dirt may collect on the upper surface, but it can be washed away with a mop or removed with a standard hoover. Wherever possible, avoid using solvent based cleaning and polishing products on the wood, because it will degrade the lacquer surface. If you invest in an oil finished floor, do be aware that it will require a top up twice a year. Natural wood oils are the best way to do this.

For more information and advice on choosing the right wood flooring, click here to visit Wood Floor Surbiton today. Or, call 020 8390 2020 to get directions to your nearest Woking showroom.

The Overlooked Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Posted on by customer-service

The main advantages of installing hard wood flooring in a home are fairly obvious. It is durable, tough, stain resistant, and looks extremely elegant. The right hard wood flooring can add endless sophistication and style to a room, but it has to be treated with care. If you look after hard wood properly, however, it has the potential to last a lifetime.

So, it offers some major cost advantages too. The average carpet needs replacing every decade. For homeowners who want to invest in quality, to save money in the long run, hard wood flooring is a great choice then. Plus, there are also some benefits that tend to get overlooked, in favour of the more obvious characteristics.

This guide to some of the less well known benefits of hard wood flooring will show you why this material is the only way to go.

Surprisingly Fire Resistant

Yes, that’s right – the wooden option is more resistant to fire than carpeting, tiling, and laminates. While it might sound implausible, the truth is that carpets ignite at a much lower temperature than hardwoods. They are often bonded and back by potent chemicals and once these see flames, they burn aggressively. It is also the case that carpets and laminates release much more toxic fumes than hardwoods can.

Cleaner and Less Prone to Mould

Hard wood flooring is generally much healthier than other options, because it is very resistant to dirt and stains. If you drop anything on a hard wood floor, it can be wiped clean. It also doesn’t hold moisture in the same way that carpeting does, so it cannot become a home for mildew and mould. This is the main reason why hard wood flooring smells much nicer, for much longer, than carpets.

Easy to Disinfect and Sterilise

If you have a weakened immune system or a troublesome dust allergy, carpets are the wrong choice. You need a floor that is simple to clean and can be rapidly disinfected when necessary. The material cannot hold spores or other irritants and it cannot get infected with mites, fleas, or other nasty bugs. For allergy sufferers, there really is no better option. If you buy high quality hard wood flooring, it should not contain irritating chemicals or adhesives.

Great for Saving on Energy Bills

It is a common misconception to think that wooden floors let all of the heat in a room escape. This is not true. While carpets are technically better at keeping the heat in, they do not perform so well when it comes to the warmer weather. With hard wood flooring, the lack of air pockets means that room stay comfortably warm in winter, but also satisfyingly cool in summer. This self-regulating quality makes it easier for homeowners to save on their energy bills.

Better Value for Money

In most cases, hard wood flooring a little more expensive to buy and fit than carpeting. However, carpets last a decade and hardwood floors can last a lifetime, so it is clear to see which option offers the best value for money. It is worth remembering that wood requires less maintenance than carpets and laminates too, so this will also save money. The key is to buy your flooring from a reliable provider who can recommend the best choice for your home.

Easter Period

Posted on by customer-service

Both our Guildford & Surbiton showrooms will be closed over the Easter period. We look forward to welcoming you back and showing you the New range of Ted Todd wood floors recently installed.

5 Top Tips for Making Your Hardwood Floors Shine

Posted on by customer-service

There are so many great reasons to invest in hardwood flooring. For a start, it looks wonderfully elegant and stylish. A high quality wood floor speaks of wealth, sophistication, stately homes, and the finest in interior design. It is durable, timeless, and top of the list when it comes to dream renovations. So, you might be surprised to find that it is more affordable now than ever before.

At the moment, hardwood is all the rage, so get down to your nearest showroom and start browsing for a beautiful wood floor in Aldershot today. If you are going to invest in this wonder material, however, you should also swot up on how to maintain it. It is true that wood flooring can last a very long time, but only if it is cared for correctly. To keep it in tip top condition, you need to give it a little love from time to time.

To find out more about the best ways to keep a hardwood floor looking shiny and healthy, read this guide to the top five cleaning tips.

Sweep Gently Every Day

Once you have found the perfect wood floor in Aldershot and had it installed by a professional fitter, you are going to want to protect it from dirt and grime. This should not be too difficult or take up too much time. To get rid of pesky dust and dirt which accumulates on the surface, take a soft bristled broom (never use a hard broom!) and sweep thoroughly, but gently. Following this, run over the surface of the hardwood with a regular dust mop. This tiny little bit of maintenance will keep the finish looking shiny for longer.

Avoid Adding Water to Spills

The last thing that you want to do is add extra water to a leak or spill, whether your hardwood floor is in the kitchen, the lounge, or the hallway. In fact, you should all that you can to avoid exposing the surface to moisture, because it can seep into the cracks and harm the wood. So, if you do spill something, use a mop which is only very slightly damp to clean it up.

Use PH Neutral Cleaning Products

It is a common misconception that hardwood floors benefit from cleaning with a dab of vinegar. This is not true, so do not fall prey to a myth which could damage the finish. When looking for appropriate cleaning products, try to stick to PH neutral ingredients; nothing too acidic or too alkaline. For example, oil soap is a useful cleaning material for wood flooring. You can, of course, ask a sales representative for advice when browsing for a wood floor in Aldershot.

Cover High Traffic Areas with Rugs

You might want to think about protecting high traffic areas with attractive rugs and floor throws. These are widely available and come in an endless variety of designs, sizes, colours, patterns, thicknesses, and weaves. They are, essentially, just like a mini carpet, but one which can be moved around and easily lifted for cleaning. It might seem like a bit of a shame to cover up that beautiful hardwood with a rug, but it will give the surface some fortification against dirt, grime, moisture, pets, children, and more.

Add Felt Patches to Furniture

To really keep your hardwood floor shiny and free from scratches, pick up a couple of sheets of regular felt. You can cut this felt into little patches and stick it to the bottom of furniture

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